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More about Free Bets

With the online betting industry in New Zealand rapidly expanding, many online bookmakers are doing everything in their power to draw in customers. One of the techniques used is the free bets system, which promised customers free money to place on bets. Many of these offers are amazingly generous, and they certainly are, but be sure to look a bit deeper to be sure you understand the exact circumstances that the free bets are offered under.

It’s obvious that no online bookmaker can simply give free money away to customers, since this would have them bankrupt probably in 24 hours. Offering free bets has to have some sort of return to the bookmaker, but the fashion in which this is done can sometimes be a bit confusing to the customer. This sometimes ends in a customer feeling like they have been taken for a ride, or cheated, but if understanding the deal from step one, free bets can indeed be very beneficial.

Read Carefully

It is, first of all, highly recommended that the terms and conditions of a deal be read before that deal is accepted. No online bookmaker worth their salt will offer a promotional deal without having the terms and conditions very clearly on display. Click the link, read what the deal involved, and decide if it is worth your time and effort. If you think the terms of the deal are not beneficial, simply don’t accept it. It’s as easy as that.

Also be sure to look around at a number of different online bookmakers, since different website have a different approach to how they offer free bets. You may find a deal much more to you liking somewhere else so don’t be afraid to explore the web to your hearts content. New deals and offers are offered by websites on a daily basis, so have a look around regularly to see what you can discover.

Free Bet Terms and Conditions

Free bets often come with what is called a wager requirement. A wager requirement means that you may place the free bet cash, and any winnings will be deposited into your account. In order to be allowed to withdraw the initial cash, and any winnings, you will be required to make a certain number of real money bets yourself like bettors have to do in cricket betting. A wager requirement will appear as something like X 5. This means you will have to bet 5 times the free money amount, with real money, before the bonus cash and any winnings made with the bonus cash may be withdrawn. Wager requirements will always be clearly displayed.

Other, similar systems are used for free bet offers, and, as has already been said, the rules of the system will be available for your consideration. Another, often used system is referred to as the risk free bet system. The rules of this offer require that a bet maker lose an initial bet, and bonus cash is provided once the bet is lost, to cover those loses. This bonus cash will also have something like a wager requirement attached.

Best Football Betting Tips

The beautiful game of football is arguably the most popular game in the world.

With thousands of betting markets and betting options around the globe, the best football betting tips in New Zealand are on offer here through an analysis of New Zealand’s betting culture and relaxed wagering lifestyle.

Today’s modern age has set a precedent for all sports betting and wagering activities.

Powerful technology is available at the fraction of a cost with some mobile devices boasting better specs than average laptops.

The most useful football betting tips can be difficult to discern between with the multitude of options and advisory columns available.

Keeping a simple strategy coupled with a formula for selecting and retrieving the best odds remains one of the best football betting tips.

Monopoly of Sports

New Zealand is one of the few countries that have taken ownership of all forms of land based sports betting. The government established the New Zealand Racing Board, which in turn established TAB.

TAB controls all forms of land based betting in New Zealand, offering punters an assortment of fixed odds and pari-mutuels on a selection of New Zealand sporting markets.

With dedicated outlets around the country, a phone line, television programs and informative websites, football betting tips offered by TAB are more region specific and do not cover the entirety of the globe.

Online Sports Wagering

With few football markets, TAB promotes a patriotic passion for New Zealand’s sporting heroes but only allows for wagers on a national scale.

This can become dull and uninteresting over time. Punters from New Zealand will be delighted to know that all offshore sports books are completely legal and can be opted for from a various array of devices.

Nearly all-reliable sports books accept players from New Zealand and even provide the NZ dollar as preferred currency.

With thousands of betting options on professional leagues and tournaments featuring global favourites including but not limited to Bundesliga, the Premier League, European championships and English championships, narrowing down a set of football betting tips for punters in New Zealand would be nearly impossible.

Exhilarating Variety

Sticking to a strategy and formula for retrieving odds and bet types, coupled with a diverse experimentation within football leagues is always a crowd pleaser.

Since its inception, football has been a major hit. With the sheer variety of games and tournaments played around the globe there are numerous types of wagering strategies and football betting tips to choose from.

Popular Football Bets

Football encompasses a vast variety of wagering types at mobile betting sites, with the most popular being the outright winner of the match.

By diversifying your betting range certain football betting tips can prove lucrative. Other thrilling types of bets include the side to score the most goals, leading goal scorer of the match, fantasy games and betting, the total number of red or yellow cards awarded in the match and even how many goals the lonesome keeper can keep out.

These are only football betting tips, to really grasp a feel for football betting in New Zealand punters can place mock bets on games in play.

Practicing strategy and consistency of your evaluations can prove a useful tool for football betting. Developing a skill that has the potential to provide lucrative winnings that are tax-free in New Zealand.

CS:GO betting


CS: GO Betting Review

CS: GO or Counter Strike Global Offensive is a multiplayer video game developed by Hidden Path and the Valve Corporation.

First and foremost a first person shooter CS: GO was developed for X Box 360, PlayStation 3 and windows in 2012, only later optimized for Linux systems in 2014.

CS: GO is a high octane, action packed and storm shooting classic video game loved by millions globally. Supporting a central theme of good versus evil, CS: GO places players in two key positions of the terrorists and counter terrorism unit.

The objective of the game is to eliminate the opposing side by blasting through the other team under a barrage of gunfire.

The games success has carved its mark, with the most common form of eSports wagering being CS: GO betting.

The E-Sports Revolution

The new kid on the block, eSports still has a long way to go in developing a platform that is synonymous with all bookmakers.

For such a new phenomenon with gaming recognized as an official sport now, CS: GO betting and all other forms of eSports wagering are becoming a global rage, recognized on a vast array of reputable sports books.

CS: GO betting focuses and relies on a team to pull together as one solid unit in order to accomplish objectives. One weak link could cause major upsets and defeats in the gripping last moments of the match.

Played in multiplayer and heavily reliant on communication from the team, a leader at the pinnacle of professional gaming leads the team into battle opening the door for CS:GO betting.

Find CS: GO betting 

Nearly all-reputable sports books recognize CS: GO betting. Listed on numerous sports books locating CS: GO betting is easy and convenient.

With a new discipline such as CS: GO betting locating leagues and tournaments can prove challenging as the wagering option still needs to evolve and grow a larger audience to attract more attention.

CS: GO betting has already captured a substantial market share and has sparked interest from millions around the world.

Various leagues and tournaments in New Zealand and around the world have been established allowing for a calendar year of CS: GO betting entertainment.

Functioning nearly identically to any sporting event, CS: GO betting allows punters to place wagers on a variety of outcomes. These include outright winners, teams with the mist kills and even the player with the most shots fired in the match.

Keeping It Simple

There is no doubt that CS: GO betting will take some time to wrap your head around. With this in mind sports books offering CS: GO betting to punters from New Zealand and around the world keep the formula simple.

Odds structures and payouts remain the same as conventional sports books with high odds unlikely and low odds more likely.

Skin Gaming

The trading of skins or game/virtual market place items for real world or game currency is the practice of skins betting.

Notoriously popular in CS: Go betting, skin betting systems are used to wager on outcomes if the current tournament in play.

Skins or virtual items increase the market share of the game by attracting more attention to the specific gaming sphere allowing for more immersive and intensified game play.

Final Face Off

The CS: GO 2016 finals took place from 14-15 May 2016, where Luminosity defeated Navi, in an epic best of three showdown session, securing a whopping $500.000 win. Luminosity are strong come back Contenders.

cricket betting


The Cricket Betting Conundrum

Cricket betting has been the leader in sports betting activity for a long time, and the format of the game was as guilty of contributing to the popularity of the game as was the addictive nature of the sport itself. Cricket matches lasted several days and there were so many aspects of the game to wager on that people flocked to sports books before and during the event.

In recent times, with the simultaneous advent of online sports books and an additional fresh format of the game has led to an even greater variety of cricket betting options. Firstly, the internet with ever greater online coverage and speeds, means unfettered access to online sports betting facilities for pretty much all New Zealanders.

Shorter is Sometimes Better   

In terms of the cricket betting aspects, these have naturally expanded in terms of variety with the advent of the shortened format of the game of T20 cricket. Developed as a sporting gameplay format around the turn of the century, this format of the game became an overnight success throughout the cricketing world. Quite naturally the levels of cricket betting surged throughout the cricketing world.

Sports betting sites catering to punters in England, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa, Australia, the West Indies and obviously New Zealand therefore cater to this massive audience. The diverse structure of game types means that cricket offers a broader wagering foundation than any other sport.

The Betting Variety and Depth

Cricket game types upon which people can bet, start with traditional test cricket, a five-day event of continuous action. There is also the ODI cricket format, which is held over a single day, and now, as mentioned, the even shorter T20 games, which are over within a few hours. Each game type has different betting options and styles. The sheer volume of cricket being played generates a colossal betting industry that is worth billions at the best cricket betting sites.

The cricket bets that players from New Zealand have at their disposal only start with the standard win, lose, or draw bets. This, however, extends so much further. Punters are able to wager on aspects such as individual scores, run rates, strike rates and wickets. In even greater depth, really specific issues such as the outcome of specific deliveries, the number of boundaries hit, the modes of batsman dismissals and even on the number of dropped catches.

The Sports Book Environment

New Zealand online sports book sites and bookmakers also extensively update and organise their cricket betting odds. This gives punters a reasonable range of odds offers, and this is the reason successful punters shop around for the best odds they can find.

The New Zealand online sports betting market excels in most areas. The security of the sites available is of the highest order, all sites have support staff catering to any problems, and extensive external audits that ensure that there are no nefarious deeds happening. Punters can really concentrate on the important issues like watching the games, assiduously following the player performances, injuries and form, and even noticing the changes in game ebb and flow to capitalise on the live cricket betting that is also available.

Caulfield cup


Caulfield Cup Online Sports Betting Action

The Caulfield cup provides sports betting fans in New Zealand one of the finest horse racing events in the world to wager on.

This thoroughbred horse event for horses three years and older is one of the most celebrated events on the Australian sporting calendar. With a massive 3 000 000 Australian dollar purse to the winner, it is also one of the most valuable Cups to be won.

Participating horses in the Caulfield cup usually qualify for the Melbourne Cup, another prestigious horse racing event held 16 days later.

Online sports betting is the most convenient and rewarding way to place bets on this prestigious event. You will be able to place wagers against great odds and at any time of the day simply by going online and clicking on the wagers you wish to place.

What To Wager On

The Caulfield cup is held each year in October and it features a 2400 m race to the finish line. There are usually 18 participating horse but there are also 4 more horses on hold in case one of the other participants becomes unable to compete.

The Herbert Power Stakes and the Listed Mornington Cup are great events that occur prior to the Caulfield cup. The winners from these events often gain automatic entry into the Caulfield Cup.

Keeping your eyes on the results of these events is a great way to pick up some tips on which horses will be top performers.

Find Latest Results and News Online

The best part of online sports betting on the Caulfield cup, or any event for that matter, is the ease with which you can obtain the latest up to day horse racing news on the sport betting site.

It should be noted that obviously some sites offer much better information than others.

No two sports betting site are the same so try and investigate the sites first. You can also try reading online reviews but you never know of the reviews can be trusted, so rather check the sites for yourself.

Real Money Wagering

Your Caulfield cup bets placed at an online bookmaker can be done in real money and in a variety of currencies. This means that you can make wagers in real New Zealand dollars.

When you find a betting site you like, just look in the payment or FAQ section to confirm that they accept NZ dollars, otherwise you may be stuck wagering in American dollars or even Euros.

Variety Of Bets

Every single horse racing bet you will be able to place at a land based sports bookmaker, you will be able to place at an online bookmaker. The Caulfield cup

Is a great opportunity to place a variety of horse racing bets since the competitors are of such a high quality, a single bet is never enough.

Your Caulfield cup betting experience will only be enhanced by online play. You get the same bets, but at much better odds than a land based bookmaker can provide.

Boxing Betting in New Zealand

Boxing is one the world’s favourite sports, and the huge numbers of followers of this sport are generally knowledgeable as well as extremely enthusiastic. The international fighters at the top of their profession are sporting icons well known all over the world, and movies like Rocky have been made into global blockbusters. The top boxers of today are some of the highest paid sportsmen in the world. Boxing is also an Olympic sport, and is one of the sports that will never lose its support.

With this high level of popularity that boxing enjoys as a sport, huge multinational boxing tournaments and international title fights are regularly staged. These are all accompanied by enormous media fanfare and television coverage. Anyone interested in boxing betting will certainly have no shortage of opportunities.

Fortunes in a Boxing Match can Change in an Instant

One of the fascinating aspects of boxing, and one of the reasons for the huge amount of boxing betting in every country in the world, is the fact that it is one of the most unpredictable sports on the planet. The outcome of a boxing match can change at any moment, and this is exactly what makes the idea of boxing betting so appealing. There have been many other forms of combative sports, but none have taken the place of boxing.

Supporters and punters from all over New Zealand show their avid support of this sport by the increase in numbers of punters across the country. The online betting sites in New Zealand are also responsible for the growth in boxing betting, as online and mobile betting is so convenient for everyone. No more travelling to a casino, no more travelling to the sports event of your choice, but you can now sit at home on the couch and experience all the fun and excitement of boxing betting. New Zealand offers its punters a choice of the very best online sports books, with the best in bonuses and promotions which punters can take advantage of. As with all sports betting, boxing betting requires you to know as much as possible about the sport, and the participants in the particular match you are interested in.

Many Boxing Matches to Bet on

One of the biggest challenges in boxing betting in New Zealand is not deciding on whom to place your bet, it is deciding which of the numerous boxing matches taking place all over the world to support and bet on. Part of the excitement of boxing betting, however, is finding that one particular match and that one spectacular boxer to place your bets on. New Zealand’s punters are discovering the potential of this, and also the different boxing wagering possibilities that are available. You can bet on the winner or loser of the certain match, and you can also place a wager on which boxer will win which round of the match, and in what manner the match will be won, by a knock out or on points, and in which round this will occur like American punters find different options in online betting USA.

These different wagers can be challenging, but they make boxing betting in New Zealand even more exciting. Another challenge can come when you decide to bet on numerous boxing events at the same time. In New Zealand punters can then choose multiple winners for the day, something that can earn you some good rewards, even if you only placed a small amount of money at the beginning.

A Guide for Choosing the Best Betting Sites Online

Before the invention and growth of the Internet, betting was largely limited to physical casinos, racetracks, and small-time local betting agencies. During the mid to late 1990s, new, international betting sites began to spring up all over the world, and today there are hundreds and hundreds of different sites that bettors can choose from. On top of this, entire new types of online banking methods have been formed, allowing bettors from across the world to move money around freely and securely, All this combined has created an online betting scene completely unprecedented, with almost limitless amounts of choice.

This is especially good news for those bettors from New Zealand, where the government heavily regulates much of the local gambling. Gambling offshore through online betting sites is both legal and unregulated within New Zealand, with the added benefit that bettors are allowed to keep their winnings untaxed.

Finding the Best Betting Sites

There are a number of ways bettors can find betting sites online that meet all their needs. Using a search engine will yield thousands of results, which can become incredibly overwhelming, especially to new bettors. The next best thing to do is use a review or comparison website, which take the best sites available and compare them piece-by-piece. Once a number of sites have been chosen, there is still a list of criteria that the site will need to adhere to before the bettor can sign up permanently.

Betting Sites Security

Arguably the most important aspect of any online betting site, strong security allows bettors to move funds in and out of the site in a secure environment. Sites regulated by international agencies are good to look out for, as this means the site is constantly monitored for any illegal activity. Additionally, sites with the right SSL certificates and password protection means that bettors will not have to worry about their personal and financial information being revealed.

Betting Sites Banking Methods

Finding a method of banking that allows bettors to deposit and withdraw money quickly and easily is vital, and there are a number of methods available. Credit and debit cards are the most common, where Visa and MasterCard dominate the market, although the practicality of cards can change depending on the country. New Zealand, for example, has a longer process time than many other countries due to the regulations set in place by the government.

E-walllets are taking the online betting world by storm, where bettors are able to deposit money into a secure online account, after which they can move the money around freely, often without any additional fees, and many recommend e-wallets as the middleman for transferring funds.

Betting Sites Choice

The sports and games offered by betting sites can also make a huge difference when choosing a new site to join. Bettors may seek punting sites that offer good NRL betting odds, more choice, which in turn allows bettors to find the sport or game that suites them best before making any real money deposits.

Find a betting site that meets all the criteria does take a bit of time and research, but it is important that bettors are able to gamble in a safe, friendly environment.

A Guide to Betting Apps for Mobile Punters

You know the feeling of just missing the cut off time of your favourite sporting event because you couldn’t make it to the bookmaker in time or were stuck in your car on the way home from the office. Your valuable bet was never placed and you missed out on some great odds, wasting the tips that you accumulated leading up to race day.

This annoying scenario is now a thing of the past, thanks to the wide selection of mobile Bettings Apps that are now common place. All you need to do is take out your phone, log into one of the many eSports betting Australia or other wagering Apps that are available to you and the legions of other tech savvy punters and you are half way there. You are now just a few screen touches away from placing that all important wager.

The Future is Now

Strange to think that 10 years ago the thought of trusting your brick-like cellular phone with the task of digitally placing a bet for you was nothing more than a flight of fancy. Times have indeed changed. With an internet connection and a mobile device, you are now informed up to the minute of any developments in the many sporting arenas that your Bettings Apps afford you access to.

What does this mean for the average punter then? Put simply, bettors are now in a better position than ever before. Checking multiple vendors for more favourable odds as well as the virtually limitless resources of information and tips are staggering.

Not Just for Betting

Although Betting Apps are used for just that purpose, betting, they also offer many ancillary functions as well. For instance, there are some premium Betting Apps that give you access to online affiliated tipster services. This is great as it allows punters to have access to all the info that they require to place a well-informed wager.

As an example, some horse racing Bettings Apps will have features such as online chat, inside info guides for looking up stable and rider info, weather forecasts and so much more. Due to the convenient nature of such Bettings Apps research is quick and painless, giving punters the freedom to concentrate on the event at hand without drowning in mountains of unverified info.

Retro Tech Makes a Come Back

Although this seems to fly in the face of what has been mentioned throughout this article, there are some new avenues for punters to place a bet on older mobile devices! As it turns out, bettors need not possess the latest and greatest mobile gadgets to put themselves in the running to bet on an event, all that is needed is a text or SMS capable cellular phone.

Punters just need to send a text with all the relevant details for the specific event as well as the wager that they are wanting to place. Be sure to check with your local bookie and see if they offer this clever little service. If so then all that is needed is for you to sign up and setup your text based service and you are good to go!