horse racing betting results


Improving Horse Racing Betting Results

The sound of galloping hooves, a love for the horses and a thrill in winning, are the three basics of horse race betting. Horse racing betting results depend upon these very factors in order to provide the vast entertainment industry with sufficient fuel for existing, as well as fanning the flames of the associated virtual wagering industry.

The variety of options that punters have when betting on the horses is vast and so even when the races themselves include different standards for horses, jockeys or otherwise. With the choices ranging from betting the winner of the race, the runners up, the order of the finishers and even a trifecta which covers places one, two and three, punters can find the risk: reward ratio that suits them best. So everyone can join in as horse racing betting results in an appreciation for all things horse related and open a world of opportunity for all punters.

Some Pointers on Horse Racing Betting

For horse racing betting results that are worthwhile and commensurate with the effort and investment required, make sure the horses selected are top of the range. The chances of a horse to win a particular race based on the pari-mutuel wagering of the general public. Each horse in a race is given a rated price, which appears a lot like the TAB dividend but instead reflects the predicted chance of the horse winning.

The shorter the price the higher its chances so to ensure a fairly high horse racing betting results success, it is recommended that horses with odds of 1/2 on or better are selected. In this regard it is important to consider the original Base Ratings, the class based Better Ratings and the consistency based Plus Ratings.

For horse racing betting results that are consistently successful, it is important that a selection won or finished fairly close to the winner at its last start. Normally this is always the case with highly rated horses but it is worth checking just to make sure.

More Than Just the Horses

The higher the quality of the races, the more predictable they become. This is crucial in good horse racing betting results, because the past form is better disclosed and more consistent and because the horses are all trying harder to win the larger prize money on offer. Prize money on offer is an obvious indicator of race quality. Make sure risky races are eliminated for best horse racing betting results.

Another factor to deeply consider for making horse racing betting results improve is the price. Different TABs pay different prices. The easiest solution is to have an account with an online bookie and use their Best Tote product. The best betting tip for better horse racing betting results is that percentages are the key to winning. The reason for this is that when win betting you should always bet in proportion to the win-betting percentage chances. Basically this means betting more on win bets when the win chances are higher and less on win bets when the win chances are lower.