Mornington Cup


Mornington Horse Races

Mornington is a small town located along the peninsula just outside of Melbourne, Victoria. The population averages around 22 000 people of which there is quite a prominent horse breeding culture. That being said it comes at no surprise that Mornington Race Club is one of the town’s highlights to its community members, and national and international visitors. Mornington Race Club was established as far back as 1899 and has grown in popularity with its horse racing highlights and annual social calendar events.

About Mornington Race Club

Mornington is about 45 minutes away from Melbourne, and with such easy access to mounds of people it’s a common occurrence that many people attend on race days.

The Mornington Race Club is 1 800m in circumference, and boasts what looks like acres of perfectly manicured lawns. There is also an amphitheatre-styled seating area which stands out as unique when comparing to a few other race course venues.

The Mornington Race Club Events

The Mornington Race Club is a popular venue to attend not only horse races but other high-end events as well. The Club hosts around 20 horse racing events across the year, one of which includes the Mornington Cup. Out of the 20 horse racing events throughout the year there are 4 that stand out above the others, and they include the New Years Day in January, the Mornington Cup Day in February, the Queen’s Birthday in June, and the Peninsula Cup Day in November. The Mornington Cup is by far the most attended horse racing event in Mornington.

The Mornington Cup Horse Race

The Mornington Cup is one of the biggest horse racing events to take place annually in Victoria. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people that flock to the event to bet on horses, or to just watch from a distance and partake in the many other activities running throughout the busy day.

If you’re betting on the horses then it’s a good thing to note that the Mornington Cup Race is considered to be one of the richest paying horse racing events in Victoria. The prize money is set at an average of $800 000. There are other lesser races that feature on the day and these include the Listed Hareeba Stakes at $100 000, as well as the Inglis Premier at $250 000.

Other activities on the day include a marquee with live entertainment, food and drink tables, as well as the fashion categories that could win you a load of prizes depending on how well dressed you are. There are generally a wide variety of fashion categories to compete in including best hat, best dressed, best couple, etc. There is also an inviting picnic area along the tracks that attract families to attend the festivities throughout the day.

Ticket Purchases and Concessions

Tickets to any of the Mornington Race Club events can be bought at the gate or online. Ticket prices average around $20 per ticket and concession tickets average around $8 per ticket.