Online pontoon


Starting to Playing Online Pontoon

Although many players are unfamiliar with the game of online pontoon, it is beginning to become a far more popular choice for people who enjoy games of chance on the World Wide Web. If you are unfamiliar with the fun and real money excitement it can deliver, it may be helpful to know that it is very similar to the game of blackjack, and although there are important differences between the two, knowing one will help you play the other!

How Online Pontoon is Structured

The overall structure and aim of online pontoon is similar to blackjack in that your goal is to work your way towards a total of 21, without exceeding that amount, and that play is centred around whether or not you hit or stay when your card combinations have been revealed. The basic rules are that you will win if you manage to garner a five card hand that does not exceed 21, the dealer is forced to hit on both a 16 and a soft 17, and all ties will render the dealer the victor.

How to Play Online Pontoon

The first thing you will need to do when you start playing online pontoon is decide on how much you would like to bet on your ante, and, after this has been done and your bet has been laid you and the dealer will then each be dealt two cards. If the dealer has managed to get a pontoon, a face and ace card, then you lose immediately. Should this not be the case the game will continue and you will be asked to do one of the following:

  1. Twist, or a hit as it is known in blackjack, whereby the dealer will give you another card. You may do this if the card combination you are holding has a total of 20 or less. You can twist after receiving the new card as well, one of the major differences between online pontoon and blackjack.
  2. Stick, or stay in blackjack, whereby you will not receive any more cards. The game will then turn to any other hands you may be holding, or the dealer’s.
  3. Buy, or double down as blackjack players will call it, whereby you double your ante bet and are dealt another card. You are allowed to do this with any hand that holds fewer than five cards.
  4. Split, which is separating two same value cards into two unconnected hands. Every time you choose to do this you will be required to add a bet equalling your ante into the pot. You will then have cards dealt to you for each hand separately.

Once you have finished making your decisions, the game will turn to the dealer. Another major difference between online pontoon and blackjack is evident in the payouts, where you will win an amount equal to that which you bet on your ante if you beat the dealer, and twice this amount if the winning hand is made up of five cards or you have managed to get a pontoon hand.