How to play roulette


How to Play Roulette Online

When you start learning how to play roulette, you will discover that the object of the game of roulette is to try and predict which numbered pocket, alternately coloured red and black, the ball will eventually come to rest on. There are also less specific bet options for players to choose from as well, including groups of numbers, the colour of the pocket the ball will land on, or whether the number of the pocket will be an odd or even one. While the strategies are simple enough, relying largely on luck, there is enough skill required to keep it interesting.

The Layout of the Game

There are two different types of roulette wheels for players to choose from when they learn how to play roulette, the so called American and European versions, although the basics of the rules stay the same. The latter has 38 numbers, having a double zero added, and the European 37, numbered from 0 to 36. The American wheel is seen to have slightly stronger odds in favour of the house.

Taking a moment to find out a little of the history of the game may increase your overall enjoyment when you start learning the game. It originated in France, and the layout we make use of today was first seen in casinos in around 1842. Two betting areas are provided, with the inside one containing the individual numbers clearly defined. The outside one has various boxes for columns, choices for the colour bet, odd or even number bets as well as the wagers for numbers forming part of various groups.

The numbers on the inside are arranged in 12 numbers of three numbers each, which form three vertical columns for you to choose from, with the 0 and 00 found at the top.

Getting in on the Game

When you feel confident enough to join a real money game after you learn how to play roulette, you will need to buy chips in order to join in. These can be cashed in when you have finished, and you will then have your online account credited with your winnings should you have incurred any.

The great thing about learning how to play roulette online is that you are under no pressure at all to start playing for real until you are sure you understand all its ins and outs. Some online casinos have specially demarcated areas specifically set aside for newcomers. You will be able to play free or demo versions for as long as you like, and need only start investing your own money when you are sure you can win.

Finding online casinos where you can learn how to play roulette is very easy to do, the matter of a quick online search. Make use of the reviews provided completely free of charge in order to make sure the casino you eventually select is both licensed and regulated, and your real money transactions will be safe. You will be able to find banking options that support your currency with ease, and can start learning how to play roulette as soon as you would like.

How to play blackjack


Learn How to Play Blackjack Online

When you start learning how to play blackjack you will be happy to hear that it is widely held to be one of the few casino games that allows players a good chance of beating the house. This is the number one reason it has become as popular as it is, and many online players elect to enjoy only this game when they visit their favourite haunts.

You will not find it particularly difficult to learn how to play blackjack, and you will quickly be able to master the basic concepts governing it. As long as you employ a little persistence, patience and concentration you will be able to get and stay ahead, and can have loads of fun doing it. The strategy for the game revolves around discovering when to hit, or take another card, stand, meaning not adding another card to your hand, doubling down, whereby the player is allowed to increase the initial bet by 100% in exchange for committing to receiving only one more card, and splitting pairs, wherein two cards of the same value may be split into two packs and played separately in this manner.

The Rules of Blackjack

When you learn how to play blackjack you will do so using a deck of 52 cards, and each card in the pack will be assigned a certain number of points. Cards two through ten are assigned points according to their face value, with a five of spades granting you five points, for example, the kings, queens and jacks are worth ten points each, and your aces can be used as a one or eleven.  You will need to form a pack equalling 21 or as close to it as possible, whilst simultaneously beating the pack the dealer is holding.

The best possible card in the game is a two card hand equalling 21, a hand called the blackjack. You will not collect any winnings if the dealer also has this hand, however, and the bet will push, your wager money being repaid to you. If the dealer draws 21 in three or more cards, however, your hand will win. Learning how to play blackjack is not difficult to do, and you will soon find yourself working your way to 21 with perfect confidence whenever you go online.

What Game Play Looks Like

The virtual game is usually played on an arc shaped table, with places for players around the outside of it and the dealer usually positioned on the inside. While specific placements may vary at different online casinos, they are usually similar enough for you to be able to recognise them at once. An area of the screen will display the minimum and maximum bets available for the table, as well as outlining any variations for the basic rules that may have been put into play.
Learn how to play blackjack quickly and easily by making use of free or demo versions of the game, and start having fun playing it whenever you go online.

How to place bets at sportsbook


Start Enjoying Placing Bets from Anywhere

The World Wide Web has totally revolutionised the world of betting, and, as soon as you learn how to place bets at sportsbook websites, you can start claiming your piece of the pie with ease from a wide variety of platforms. The object of it is to have fun and win money, and this is done by beating the odds. You will find a brand new way to start enjoying the sports you already do, and can take part from absolutely anywhere at all.

Your desktop and laptop computers have removed the necessity of having to commute to and from a land based bookmaker, and smartphone and tablet support have broadened the horizons of where and when you can lay a wager even further. When you learn how to place bets at sportsbook websites you will be able to pick up your gadget and gain access to sports events happening all around the world at any time of day or night, and can start taking part in them at any time you please.

What Products Sportsbook Make Available

No matter which sport it is that has managed to capture your enthusiasm, you will be able to find a new way to engage with it when you learn how to place bets at sportsbook websites. Choose from baseball, football, hockey, soccer, basketball, tennis and snooker, among many others, and accomplish all the research necessary to make the wagers winning ones online too. The only limits on you are those that you choose to bring into play, as, thanks to the internet, those of time and distance are no longer a factor. Rugby games in New Zealand, golf games in Scotland and all the other exciting sporting activities taking place all around the world every day are no longer any further away from you than your device is. Log into your sportsbook account quickly and easily and start laying wagers right now!

How to Place Your Bets

There is no difficulty in learning how to place a bets at sportsbook websites, and, once you have mastered the simple steps it takes to do so, you will be able to use your new knowledge at any online betting bookmaker in Australia at all.

Find the event you are interested in, inspect the odds, and select the type of bet you wish to make, along with how much you are willing to wager.

The betting types available will vary greatly from bookmaker to bookmaker, and, for the uninitiated, sports betting guides are provided free of charge that demystify the ins and outs of how to place bets at sportsbook websites. Find out everything you need to know right from the bookmaker making the wager available, and lay your bet confidently when you have made your decision and finished doing your research.

Learning how to place bets at sportsbook websites will require some working knowledge of the different wagers available, and securing good payouts requires only a little research beforehand. Choose from straight or single bets, point spread bets, over under wagers and many others, and start having fun and winning money today.

Betting odds and how they work


Understanding Betting Odds is Key to your Success

It is almost impossible to be a serious online bettor if you are unsure about betting odds and how they work, but luckily this is not a very difficult thing to do. You will need to have a handle on them if you are going to make any kind of profit from this fun pastime, but the good news is that as soon as you come to grips with the three main kinds of odds in use by sportsbooks around the world your payouts will start increasing at once!

The Three Main Types of Odds

The three chief types of odds that you will need to understand before you begin betting successfully online are decimal, fractional and American odds. The names indicate how the odds are written, and, depending on where you are betting, and what betting activities enjoy, you will need to be able to switch between them. Understanding betting odds and how they work will help you compare bets, place more winning ones, and, ultimately, go home with more money in your pocket!

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are in particularly popular use, and you will find them at the majority of online bookmakers. They are very easy to understand, as they simply state how much money you will be able to get from a bet of one unit. Keep in mind that a unit can be one, ten or 100 stakes, a fact which is very easily checked on the site. The majority of decimal odds will run into two decimal places so that bettors will be able to understand more thoroughly the decimal betting odds and how they work, and will be able to accurately predict the returns of a successful wager.  Decimal odds include the return of your initial stake as well, so a successful $10 bet made on a wager sporting 3.00 decimal odds will have you pocketing a total of $30 dollars, were you using dollars as your preferred currency, with a profit of $20 along with your initial stake of $10.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are very popular in the United Kingdom, but are by no means used solely by bookmakers from this country. It is also very simple to understand fractional betting odds and how they work when you know that, once again, they are figured from a stake of one unit. They do, however, express their meaning differently, and 2/1 fractional odds will pay out twice the unit stake. You would collect $20 on a successful bet with this fractional odds indicator.

American Odds

American odds are totally different from these first two types, and are often referred to as money lines. They are based on a 100 stake, and can tell a negative or positive outcome. If it is written negatively, how much of a stake would be required to make 100 on the bet will be displayed, if positively how much of a profit you would make on a 100 stake will be shown.

Now that you have the basics on betting odds and how they work you can start exploring your online wagering options much more freely, and can put this knowledge to use when trying to find the best odds for whatever betting activity you most enjoy.

mobile video poker


Play Mobile Video Poker on your Phone

It’s a scene we all know from the movies: tough, weather-beaten gunslingers around a table in the saloon, eyeing each other suspiciously over the tops of their cards. The background music rises as the tension mounts, until one of the cowboys leans forward, spreads his cards on the table and says, “Gin!” Er, no, actually he doesn’t. That would make a pathetic cowboy movie; the only game that they could possibly be playing, as everybody knows, is poker.

In its hundreds of variations, some with the option to draw more cards, others that include the pool cards on the table in your hand, not to mention the intricacies of betting and bluffing, poker is the epitome of old-school gambling in the Wild West. No doubt some of that historical cachet is still what draws players to the more sedate, casino versions of the game, and it remains one of the most-played card games in the world, with its popularity continuing to increase.

With the advent of video poker the game was given a new and exciting twist in the 1970’s and players have since been flocking to enjoy an exciting alternative to the traditional game. Part of the reason for that is the boom in online casinos, which make video poker instantly accessible millions of people all over the globe. Now, mobile casinos are taking off just as successfully, so fans can experience all the fun of mobile video poker directly, via their smart phones, from practically anywhere.

Endless Options are Available

A quick glance online will reveal hundreds of mobile casinos to choose from; most also offer several variations of mobile video poker, allowing you to pick your favourite, Jacks or Betters, Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus Poker whichever version you prefer, you’ll find a mobile site that caters to you.

There are plenty of free casinos that use credits, not real money, and allow you to play purely for the thrill of challenging the odds. If you do enjoy betting and winning real money, however, you’ll find just as many options to play mobile video poker for proper stakes. It really is up to you; as long as you have a smart phone and an Internet connection, your mobile casino game play options are almost limitless.

Mobile Video Poker Bonuses

Most mobile casinos offer welcome bonuses when you register; they also hand out frequent bonuses to existing players to encourage them to play more. These casino bonuses often include free play at mobile video poker; the casino gives you a free stake with which to bet, and you get to keep any winnings.

Of course, all promotional offers will come with terms and conditions; for instance, the mobile casino may insist that you place a minimum number of bets on mobile video poker using your free money before you are allowed to cash out any of your winnings.

So as always, it is important to read and understand these T’s and Cs properly before you play. But a player with registered accounts at a number of different mobile casinos will find that by picking the casino offering the best bonus deals on any giving day, they can use these bonuses to extend their playing time on mobile video poker for longer, and stand to win more.

mobile pachinko


Mobile Pachinko Means Fun On the Go

It has been described as a cross between pinball, slot machines and bingo, making pachinko one of the quirkiest gambling games ever invented. It was born as an arcade game in Japan, but the unique challenges and rewards of pachinko have made it a drawcard for online casinos, resulting in worldwide popularity.

With more and more games fans now accessing their casino fun via their smart phones, mobile pachinko is also taking off. The game is played on a vertical board similar to a pinball table, covered in tiny pins and obstacles with a variable number of slots at the bottom. Players have to shoot balls up the board so that they bounce off certain obstacles, and land in certain slots, to gain points.

There is also a slot-machine type interface in the centre of the board, and a set number of points scored will unlock a spin of these reels; if a player gets a three-symbol match, they score a jackpot, which unlocks even more balls to play with. However, that brief description doesn’t begin to explain the addictive fun of mobile pachinko. There is a skill to be learnt; by small variations in the way you shoot the balls, you can find the sweet spot that results in big wins. Finding that sweet spot can keep a pachinko fan busy for hours.

Free or for Money Mobile Pachinko

Many players enjoy pachinko purely for the rush of beating the game, so the best mobile pachinko apps all have a free-play option for those only interested in winning credits to keep playing. Serious gamblers are also catered for, though; mobile pachinko does allow you to bet real stakes and win real money, too.

As with many other online and mobile games, casinos offer welcome bonuses and regular promotional bonuses, so players can bet to win real money without digging into their personal bankroll. True enthusiasts will register at a number of mobile pachinko sites and join their mailing lists, to take the most advantage of bonuses when they are offered. By playing on the site that offers the best free play bonuses on any given day, mobile pachinko fans can maximise their game-playing time, as well as their winnings, while risking less of their own money.

Endless Options Available

Pachinko boards come in thousands of different variations regarding the themes, visuals, animations, arrangement of pins and winning slots, etc. Different mobile pachinko games will also offer different rewards when the ball strikes different targets, so it is easy to try out a few until you find a version that suits you. But whichever version you choose, bright colours and constant audio accompaniment are a regular feature.

These make the game perfect for mobile play; the ever-improving graphics and sound on smartphones, combined with intuitive touchscreen play, make mobile pachinko look and feel even more authentic. But like all mobile casino games, the true beauty of mobile pachinko is its portability.As long as your smart phone is connected to the internet, you’ll be able to play mobile pachinko at a moment’s notice, anywhere you like.

Mobile online slots games


Have you Tried Mobile Online Slots Games?

The popularity of slots as a casino game remains undiminished after several decades; for many players, slots are their favourite casino pastime. The ability to bet comparatively small stakes, while still standing the chance to win significant jackpots on every spin, makes slots a casino game that can be enjoyed for hours at a relatively low cost.

In addition, the sheer variety of slots available, from old-fashioned fruit reels to the latest games based on popular TV shows, means that gambling enthusiasts are spoilt for choice; everyone has their own favourite. And thanks to burgeoning Internet connectivity, your best-loved slots are now no further away than your smart phone; mobile online slots games let you take a couple of minutes’ time-out whenever you feel like it, to try your luck with a few spins.

A Huge Range to Choose from

There are thousands of online casinos available, and most also offer a mobile option, with the casino site and the games themselves coded for optimal play on various devices, so playing via a tablet or smart phone is really simple. You’ll have access to the same huge range of slots you find in a real-world casino, so you will always be able to find your favourites, with minimum-bet stakes that suit your pocket.

The ever-increasing quality of graphics and sound in modern smart phones, as well as the convenience of the touchscreen, allows casinos to upgrade their sites frequently, making mobile online slots games more and more authentic. The touchscreen allows for intuitive interface with the game, and the crisp animations play just like they do on a real slot machine, so mobile online slots games give you an in-casino experience, no matter where you might be when you log on.

You Could Play for Free
While for many the thrill of slots is in winning those tempting jackpots, some players enjoy the games purely for amusement, without wanting to bet any money. For those who do play online simply for the joy of beating the odds, free mobile casinos let you play mobile online slots games to win credits only, not money. These sites are handy for serious gamblers too, as they allow you to practise your game play and betting strategies before risking any of your own money in a real-money casino.

Real-money casinos also offer regular incentive bonuses with Canadian online gambling, such as free spins on mobile online slots games, which give you the chance to win real money without betting your own. A keen player registered to several sites and their newsletters will receive regular notifications of the latest online bonuses, including free spins on mobile slots. This allows you to choose the mobile online slots games offering the best free spins deal on any given day, and maximise your playing time. Of course, there are terms and conditions attached to these promotional offers, usually relating to how many bets you need to place on free spins before you can withdraw any winnings, but if you make sure you understand the T’s and C’s properly before you play, free spins are a great way to get more chances at a jackpot while wagering less of your own bankroll.

Mobile online slots games can turn your smart phone into a casino in your pocket.

mobile craps


Mobile Craps: the Dice Game on your Phone

Dice games are one of the oldest forms of gambling, predating casinos themselves, and of all the dice games, craps is one of the most perennially popular. Part of its appeal is the fun it provides for spectators, not just the player currently shooting the dice. They can bet with or against the shooter, so that even when the shooter craps out, other players can win.

Novices may find it confusing at first, but once they understand the significance of the magic numbers, 7 and 11, and have had the intricacies of “the point” and the various betting options explained to them, they quickly turn into fans. Thanks to the ever-increasing capabilities of smart phones, gambling fans now have plenty of mobile craps sites to choose from, allowing them to relax with a few games of dice whenever they feel like a quick break, from practically anywhere.

Giving you More Options

Want to play purely for fun, without risking any money? Then pick one of the free mobile casinos that offer mobile craps for credits only. More interested in betting and winning for real? You’ll find just as many real-money casino apps and platforms available for mobile. As with any online transaction that will involve your banking details, of course, you should check a site’s security certification before signing up. That said, the online gambling community is viglant and vocal, so it is not diffficult to compare reviews and find the most reputable mobile casinos with the best payout records.

Conversely, the rotten apples are named and shamed speedily, so a little homework makes bad experiences easier to avoid. Craps is also one of those casino games in which players enjoy better odds than they do in most other games, so apart from shopping around to find a mobile craps site that you like, you can also practise different betting strategies to see which ones work out the most profitable. Some casinos also offer slight variations of craps with different rules, so you can play the version you prefer.

dd to that the many different bets you can place, either hoping that a specific number will come up or betting with or against the shooter, and you’ll find that there are probably more ways to win at mobile craps than in any other game. That’s assuming you place the right bets at the right times, of course, but that’s all up to your experience and skill.

Play Wherever and Whenever you Like

The biggest advantage to mobile craps, apart from the encrypted security and the thrill of winning, is its instant accessibility. As long as your smart phone can connect, you can while away a few minutes with the dice whenever and wherever you feel like it. Stuck on a boring bus ride? Taking a quick recreation break during a busy work day to clear your head? Bored at home on a Sunday afternoon? Whenever the mood takes you, you can amuse yourself with online craps, no matter where you are.

list of all mobile casino games


A List of All Mobile Casino Games to Help you Find your Favourites

There are hundreds of mobile casinos available to anyone with a smart phone, with more popping up every day. Add to that the multiple variations of each game that exist, also with new versions cropping up all the time, and it becomes almost impossible for anyone to give you a complete list of all mobile casino games. Or perhaps it can be done, but it will be out-of-date by tomorrow…
Nevertheless, we love a challenge, so herewith, then, our list of all Canadian casino online games:

Despite its alphabetical disadvantage, we mention slots first because its popularity makes it the first game anyone expects to find on a list of all mobile casino games. From old-school fruit machines to the latest digital slots games with a TV-show tie-in, the beauty of slots is the substantial jackpots they offer in return for relatively small bets. There are thousands of different mobile slots games to choose from.


Probably the most famous and popular dice game in the world, craps allows you the option of betting with or against the shooter. Mobile casinos may offer several variations relating to bets and winning payouts.


A universally popular card game that may come in several varieties, with slightly different rules, blackjack requires skill, strategy and wit. But the object is always the same – can you get closer to 21 than the dealer without busting?


If any game says “classic casino glamour”, it’s roulette. A true game of chance, it offers decent wins for small stakes and is a favourite with gamblers who rely on Lady Luck.


Sticking with the classics, this is the ultimate “James Bond” card game; with the useful twist of letting you bet that the house’s hand will beat the player’s.


This one is for those who love an old-fashioned number hunt, trying to fill a line or a pattern on their betting card as the balls are called.


A lottery game, usually played with randomly selected numbered balls. Pick you numbers, and then see what comes out of the bubble first.


It has been jokingly referred to as “the dice game for gamblers who can count beyond 11”, but backgammon is another classic game that isn’t as hard as it first appears. Players quickly learn how to get the best board moves out of each dice combination, and the chance to thwart your opponent by blocking or sending back their checkers is a lovely incentive to be mean!


The Japanese arcade game is now popular the world over. A quirky combination of pinball and slots, it can turn into seriously addictive online or mobile fun.


No list of all mobile casino games would be complete without the king of card games: poker. It comes in dozens of variations, some of which pit you against the house and others that allow you to play against other players as well.

Check Out What’s on Offer

Our list of al mobile casino games offers insight into just some of the optimised entertainment you can enjoy in the palm of your hand. Top online casinos feature a plethora of games optimised for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and other mobile devices, ideal for enjoyment on the go.

Online soccer sports betting


A Spectator’s Guide To Soccer

Soccer is, without a doubt, one of the most popular sports in the world. No matter where on the globe you may be, you can be sure to find some soccer fans just around the corner. However, if you’re looking to indulge in your first online soccer sports betting experience, it is vital that you understand the rules of the game. This will not only enable you to make an informed decision when it comes to placing your bets, it will also make the game more exciting for you.

So, whether you’re looking to bet in the major or minor leagues, have a look below for a spectator’s guide to watching soccer.

The Field

This may seem like a pretty obvious one, but the field itself makes up a large portion of the sport’s overall rules. After all, it is the very ground upon which your online soccer sports betting strategy may just prove to be lucrative. However, in terms of the field, there is one golden rule that can never be comprised.

This goes for each and every game, no matter how big or small it may be, and even the most seasoned of soccer players will tell you it’s of utmost importance. The top rule regarding the soccer field dictates that it absolutely has to be rectangular.

Hands Off

Anything can happen during a soccer match, which is perhaps why online soccer sports betting has become so popular over the years. However, the one thing that can never happen is for a player to use their hands on the ball. Of course, the rules are slightly different for goal keepers, as they need to defend their posts. But for other players, legs, knees and even heads may be used to pass the ball to their team mates, but never ever their hands.

Red And Yellow

Those little red and yellow cards are never good news. Usually, if the team you’ve centred your online soccer sports betting experience around gets one of them, they’re in trouble. Yellow cards are there to caution players against their offences. If they receive two yellow cards in a game, they are disqualified.

A red card, on the other hand, is probably the worst a player can get short of suspension. Red cards are handed out for more severe offenses. If a player receives a red card, they are to leave the field immediately and may have no further part in the game whatsoever.

Online soccer sports betting is remarkably exciting, and can be even more so once you fully understand the rules of the game. As a spectator, there are plenty of little things you can do in order to educate youself and ultimately have a better experience overall.

Keep the above information in mind the next time you place a soccer bet and you are sure to make the best possible decision regarding the best teams and players to put money on. Good luck and have fun with your next bet!