Playing Real Money Games at New Casino Online

The first officially recorded land based casino was situated in Italy in the 1600’s.  It is believed that this was where and how it all started, and the gaming industry grew from strength to strength over the years into a market that is energised and filled with lights and colours, a place all kinds of people visit to blow off some steam and try their luck at.

With well over 900 casinos, the USA currently holds the record for having the most casinos in the world.  With a gaming market this big, it would be expected that the industry would constantly evolve –and so it came to be that the new casino online version of gaming saw the light.

New Casino Online Version Available

The launch of the World Wide Web has opened up endless worlds of opportunities for electronic commerce and communication, and the gaming industry had to keep up with the evolution, and so the new casino online version of gaming introduced itself to players around the globe.

The online gaming industry experienced a boom, and this opened up opportunities for land based casinos to launch their games online.

The convenience of the new casino online version of gaming took the USA by storm, and players enjoyed the freedom of playing anywhere they want to, so much so that it became more and more popular.

Challenges of Online Gaming

As can be expected with all new industries, there will always be initial challenges and hick-ups.  The online casino is no exception.

Initially players were sceptical of playing for cash in an environment that they had no way of confirming as being safe and secure.  It also posed threats of being hacked and suffering financial losses.  However, online casino developers have invested a lot of time and money into making sure that their program software and operating systems are tried and tested, and safe and secure at all times.

It is all good and well for the online casino providers to promise that all is in working order, but the proof is in the pudding.  This is where new casino online reviews come in very handy.  This allows players to read independent reviews done by online casino experts who have tried out the specific online casino, and have compared  it to similar established online casinos in the same geographical area.

Benefits of Online Casinos

When players experiment with the new casino online scene, there are a few benefits which must be kept in mind.

By playing online, players are afforded the opportunity to play anywhere, anytime – all of this in the comfort of their own homes.

To allow players time to check out online sites and get the feel of the different options available, most USA online casino sites offer free games.

The welcoming bonuses that the best sites have to offer like online blackjack casino Australia, are top-notch.

The gaming options that are available online are endless.  Some land based casinos are smaller than others, and players might just find that they are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to online gaming.

Mobile Online Casino Real Money Games for Players

Mobile online casino real money games are available in the USA for players who want great games that offer great rewards. Mobile casinos are the next wave in online casino play and they offer great compatibility on a variety of operating systems.

Android, iOS, Windows and even Blackberry mobile devices can all support great casino games. Signing up at an online casino means that over and above your mobile casinos games, you will still be eligible for all the same bonus offers as desktop casino players.

Hardware and Software Compatibility

Mobile online casino real money games are specifically modified by developers to work on a multitude of platforms. Unfortunately it is very complex to design 100% compatible games for all mobile devices as both the operating system and the device model needs to be taken into consideration.

Many online casinos will also cater to specific platforms like for instance iPhone specific casinos or Android specific casinos.

The Extensive Games Library

Even to players in the USA, mobile online casino real money games offer great casino games like video poker, black jack and slots. When compared to computer casino players, mobile casino players do have a smaller library of available.

This is due to the aforementioned compatibility issues. The smaller screen of a mobile device still is perfectly suited to slot games and video poker titles as they usually feature a very simple interface. All mobile casino games offer real money wagers.

Real Money Wagers Anywhere and Anytime

Mobile online casino real money games can be taken anywhere in the USA where your mobile device and an internet connection is available.

If you want to switch to desktop play, your online casino account will allow you to simply log on from a computer with your same account details.

Encrypted Deposits and Withdrawals

Mobile online casino real money wagers go hand in hand with real money deposits and withdrawals. Mobile casino players have access to the same safe and secure banking facilities as desktop users.

You can make deposit and withdrawals using online banking services, E-wallet solutions and many other payment methods.

Data encryption software will protect your transactions. You can make mobile casino wagers in a variety of currencies, including American dollars.

Bonus Offers and Unique Promotions

Mobile online casino real money play means signing up to an online casino first. This also means that you can take advantage of great bonus offers like players get in iPhone pokies Australia. These include welcome bonuses offers that can double your total deposit made. The online casino will match the amount you deposit by 100% or even more.

Other bonus offers when you sign up can include no deposit bonus offers where the casino gives you real money to start your wagering as soon as you sign up to the casino. You will however be unable to make withdrawals unless you meet the wagering requirements set by the casino.

There are many more promotions on offer but they vary from casino to casino. Loyalty schemes are quite popular and will award you with special prizes and offers the more loyalty points you earn.

There are also insurance bonuses that will pay you back a percentage of your total losses so that you never walk away empty handed.

mobile online casino no deposit bonus


Mobile Online Casino No Deposit Bonus Options in the USA

If you have a Smartphone and want to take part in online casino play, mobile online casino no deposit bonus offers are available now for players in the USA. These promotions let you sign up to a mobile online casino with no deposit required.

You also get a cash bonus from the casino to get you started with real money wagering. Once you have made a real money deposit into your account and met the casinos wagering requirements, you will be able to withdraw this bonus cash and any winnings made from it. This no deposit bonus can be wagered on all the available mobile games the casino offers.

How To Play Mobile Casino Games

With mobile online casino no deposit bonus sites, the casino is hosted in your pocket. You will get video poker, online slots, table games and more. All these games can be played on your Smartphone with no issues.

In order to play mobile casino games for real money on your Smartphone, first you will need to register at an online mobile casino. From here you have two options. You can download the mobile casino client and install the app on your phone for quick instant access to your account.

The other option is to simply load up and play games right in your browser. The ideal is of course to have the casino app on your phone as this will run games smoothly and quickly.

Supported Mobile Platforms

Developers are always trying to keep up with new phone models and operating systems. Mobile casino games can be played on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, but also on Android devices as well as Blackberry and Windows phones.

Even though developers try and cater to all devices in the USA, software still needs to be optimized for different mobile platforms. This means not all games work on all phones so always check that the casino you wish to join will support your phone.

With regards to playability, these games are optimized to still be fully playable on a smaller screen. A mobile online casino no deposit bonus will be wasted if you can barely operate the games on your touch screen. Luckily all games are tested to ensure that they retain all the functionality of their desktop computer counterparts.

Secure Online Transactions

Just like with a standard online casino, mobile casinos also offer players the same level of secure data encryption technology so that your transactions remain safe and private. Real money deposits are required at some point to fully take advantage of mobile online casino no deposit bonus offers so players can rest assured that they are looked after by the site.

Making Real Money Wagers

Players in the USA can make real dollar wagers at mobile casinos. Mobile online casino no deposit bonus money can only be withdrawn once you have made a certain value in real money wagers at the casino. Once this requirement has been meet, the money is yours.

A Look at Mobile Online Casino for Smartphone Players

As technologies grow and improve alongside the players demand for quality casino gaming the natural progression of things is that there will be better and better ways to play these games through the internet that make the process easier and more entertaining.

One of the more practical and most popular mediums for online casino gaming is through the use of smartphones. With the capabilities of the phones we now carry around with us wherever we go it was only natural that the casino gaming market made the progression across to the phones, making the experience online easier than ever before. Now wide varieties of mobile online casino exist and players from the USA are poised to be able to experience some of the best on offer.

There are of course plenty of benefits to playing games and engaging with the internet through the mobile platform, because ultimately it is a portable and highly capable piece of technology, whatever smartphone it is really. This does allow for some pretty impressive stuff and so the mobile online casino options available employ this and produce some rather involved games, alongside the massive range available from across the world. The step now available to the USA players though is actually finding one of these mobile sites that offer a casino package that fits the individual player’s set of preferences.

Factors Involved in a Mobile Online Casino

At the end of the day players will have a rather good idea of what they want in a mobile online casino but perhaps they are unaware of how the different factors relate to each other and what capabilities in each field represents for the whole. These can be invaluable tools to help players of the USA pick out some of the wheat from the chaff so to speak and allow them to find the top casino options just right for them and their mobile platform.

One of the most important of these factors for online gaming is security. Players want to feel safe at the end of the day and in order to have that feeling the sites themselves must make deliberate efforts towards it. The safety of a mobile online casino site also says a fair bit about the rest of the features and experiences attached.

Mobile Online Casino Games and Top Bonuses

The more exciting factors that lead to the creation of a mobile online casino include the gaming options involved. The choice here is what forms of gaming do the players ultimately want to find and can they use this preference to locate some quality casino action online. Here the players of the USA can sift through the online offerings with some speed, by searching for some of the more obscure favorites they have and picking from those lists. The same applies with bonuses, most of which are welcome bonuses, and these definitely make a mobile online casino shine quite brightly amongst its peers online. All in all, the combination of gaming preferences and capable bonus options makes for a rather healthy and the best online casino experience.

Mobile Casino Online Gambling Guide

With the widespread use of mobile phones in the modern world as well as in the world of online gaming, it is not all that surprising to see that playing at a mobile casino online has become extremely important to players in the USA, and from around the rest of the world for that matter.

While players may not be able to access their computers anywhere they venture, most will have a handheld device that gives all players the opportunity to access their best-loved games from anywhere with a connection to the internet.

Seeing the potential of being able to game on the go, top casinos have created applications like mobile poker Australia that can be accessed from any compatible handheld device, thus making playing a simple matter of a preference, as opposed to availability.

Mobile Casinos in the USA

Unfortunately for players living in the United States, even with the prospect of mobile technology providing easy access to some top casinos, gambling laws and regulations in the USA have made it something of a difficult task to access the world’s latest and greatest casino games.

The legalities surrounding a mobile casino online in the US today mean that players will have to be aware of where it is legal to play real money casino games, in spite of the fact that mobile devices allow players to play the games from almost anywhere with internet access.

Slots LV

One of the many mobile casino online sites that to have gained massive popularity amongst players in the USA, and one certainly worth taking a look at, is the Slots LV casino.

The reason that this particular mobile casino has become a first choice for many players is due to the no deposit bonus of $25 and welcome match bonus of up to $5000, as well as the impressive list of both table and video slots from leading names like Betsoft, RTG and Rival Gaming.

Like most mobile casinos, players are offered 24/7 customer support, as well as a good Return to Player rate that sits above 98%. Most importantly, however, Slots LV accepts players from all over the United States.

Bovada Casino

A trusted North American brand and considered to be a cornerstone in the world of online gambling, Bovada Casino offers players in the USA a comprehensive, top-quality mobile casino online. Entertainment options range from some of the world’s best slots and table games to big sporting events and horse racing.

A welcome bonus of up to $3000 and ongoing promotions, 24/7 support for all customers, as well as the fact that there are over 150 mobile casino online games to be played, has made the Bovada Casino a very popular choice amongst US players.

888 Mobile Casino Online

The 888 mobile casino online is another highly rated brand that caters to players living in the USA, offering a large selection of games, from video poker to the some of the best video slots.

The welcome bonus of up to $100 is a big part of what makes the 888 Casino so attractive to players, as well as the $1, 000, 000 jackpot that is up for grabs on their Millionaire Genie progressive slot. In addition, this particular mobile casino online site is the only one to have jurisdiction in all 3 legal states (Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware).

best Microgaming slots


Choosing the Best Microgaming Slots

Microgaming is one of the oldest and best known suppliers of online casino software. The company was established in the mid 1990s, and have grown in stature ever since. Their sophisticated Viper software was launched recently, and this enables the best Microgaming slots games to reach new heights of excellence.

Microgaming has developed and now offers a huge array of casino games. There are all the traditional table games like blackjack, baccarat and sic bo. Players can play many of the different forms of poker as well, and bingo and keno and craps. However, their main area of expertise, and the area for which they are the most well known, has always been the impressive, beautifully crafted and rewarding slots games that they produce. Hundreds of the best Microgaming slots are available in all the online casinos that are operated by Microgaming software, and they can all be accessed by players in the Philippines as well as in most other countries of the world. Because of the USA legality laws, the best Microgaming slots are not available to American players.

Different Kinds of Slots

There are different kinds of slots that players in the Philippines are able to play. Microgaming has produced some of the old time three reel slots games that look much like the fruit machines of yesteryear. These are still popular among certain players, but most players have their favourites among the modern five reel games, produced with multiple pay lines. Some of the best Microgaming slots include their hugely popular progressive jackpot games, in which they are able to offer jackpots worth millions of dollars, some of the biggest progressive jackpots in the industry. Microgaming offers more slots than any other software developer, and launches more new games than any other.

Extremely Imaginative Slots Games

The best Microgaming slots often are designed with themes taken from well known and popular stories, movies and comic books. They have produced amazing slots games such as Batman, Jurassic Park, Lord of the Rings and BattleStar Galactica, and lucrative jackpot games like Mega Moolah. Graphics in the games are often 3D, and the games can include some amusing animations, imaginative symbols and icons, and some great background music and sound effects. The slots games in Hong Kong will always include bonus games, free spins, some interactive game play and some incredible rewards.

The First Multi Player Games

Some of the best Microgaming slots were developed as multi player games, and they were the first casino games producers to offer multi player slots tournaments. Microgaming was also the first of the premier slots developers to take real money slots games on to a mobile platform on a global scale.

The best Microgaming slots can b e played for free at any online casino, with no risk to players’ budgets. This can be of great benefit to players, as they can get to know all the games, and decide which one they would like to play for real money. You can play the games in the instant flash version, or download them, as you wish.

Microgaming has a proven track record, and they are among the founding members of the Interactive Gaming Council founded ten years ago. Since the introduction of the successful Viper software, the company has grown enormously. There are an ever increasing number of players choosing to play online casino games at a Microgaming casino, and finding a new level of entertainment in playing the best Microgaming slots.

best Microgaming casinos


The Software Advantage of the Best Microgaming Casinos

It is the evolution and development of software that effects any real changes in the casino industry, and how they keep improving in all regards. Players know the importance of the software provider at any casino since the best software providers and the best casino sites have their destinies entwined, and why the best Microgaming casinos are so sought.

The core of an online casino is the software that powers it. This is quite a competitive field. Probably the broadest software provider of all is Microgaming. Microgaming provide award-winning online casino software to online casinos, and have built an empire of as many as 160 online casinos sites that use their software.

Microgaming’s Legacy

Microgaming are recognised as powering the first online casino when the launch happened in 1994. Since then, the best Microgaming casinos have also been the best casinos. Today, the best Microgaming casinos encompass the entire online casino game field, and their software drives online casinos, online bingo halls, online poker rooms, live dealer casinos, plus, of course the huge progressive jackpots and network game play.

The best Microgaming casinos will suit players from the Philippines as they are available in 24 different languages, all around the world, in brick and mortar casinos, online casinos and mobile casinos. Microgaming is a founding member of eCOGRA and the Interactive Gaming Council, and therefore the best Microgaming casinos will also be the most trusted.

Details on the Core Software

The best Microgaming casinos will be running on their Viper software that they first introduced in 2002. The Viper software is still today regarded as probably the best in the world. This is why Microgaming sites all have the features of interface excellence, top quality graphics and realistic sound. Further characteristics include many, many games, cutting edge features such as multi-table play, self-monitoring and evaluation of play and detailed player history.

Microgaming have delivered the largest progressive jackpot network to the casino world, and this network has already delivered more than €350 billion in winnings to their players. The Spin3 software that powers mobile casino play generally is also theirs.

Security will always be a concern to anyone transferring money. The best Microgaming casinos are amongst the most secure in the world, and also the most stable. The security is industry standard 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology.

Awards Just Come Naturally

The best Microgaming casinos are, finally, complete showpieces for the quality of Microgaming’s online software. The rewards they have achieved are actually too numerous to mention in all their detail, but suffice to say that this online gaming software provider has won more than 25 different awards. These include Best Software Provider, Best Software Supplier Provider, Casino Supplier of the Year, Highly Commended Poker Software of the Year 2012, and Poker Network of the Year.

Philippines players should therefore be cognisant of the fact that when they sign up at one of the best Microgaming casinos, they are also going to be playing at one of the best possible online sites overall. Listed regularly as a ‘giant’ in the industry, Microgaming is simply aware of the latest trends and requirements by maintaining a desire to make sure that they address what players are really wanting, and listening to them.

best casino sites online


Establishing the Philippines’ Best Casino Sites Online

Under current laws, there is no restriction on casino enthusiasts in the Philippines who want to play at the best casino sites online, as long as they choose operations that are not licensed in the Philippines itself. This still leaves keen casino gamers with plenty of sites to choose from, but nevertheless, definitively identifying the best casino sites online may well be ultimately impossible.

There’s a fairly simple reason for this: gambling is an intensely personal activity, and each gambler has a different set of preferences regarding types of games, the range of wagers they can afford, languages, currencies and banking options, etcetera. One man’s meat may be another’s poison, so each individual will rate the best casino sites online according to their own priorities. A less cumbersome approach might be to list the various aspects that affect the gambling experience, so that players in the Philippines can decide which matter to them most.

Availability in the Philippines is Obviously Important

There’s no point in creating a list of the best casino sites online that includes casinos unavailable to Filipinos. Ironically, these are the online casinos registered in the Philippines itself. The autonomous Freeport in the Cagayan Special Economic licenses a number of online casinos, but they only accept players from outside the Philippines. So Philippine gambling enthusiasts can only access online casinos registered and licensed in other countries.

But there is more to being Philippine-friendly than accessibility. The best casino sites online for Filipinos will also offer service in Spanish as well as English, and if they don’t have the Philippine Peso among their currency options, they need to accept easily convertible currencies to make it worth a Philippine gambler’s while. Convenient banking options are also important. Some players like the anonymity afforded by online pay platforms, while others are happy to play using credit cards or debit cards. The best casino sites online generally offer a range of options.

Security is a Sine Qua Non

Players should check an online casino’s security encryption before they even contemplate registering as a member to play for real money. The best casino sites online use the same 128-bit encryption favoured by international banks nowadays, to keep players’ banking details and personal information securely out of nefarious hands.

There are other aspects related to security, like the operation’s privacy policy, or the speediness with which players can access customer service when they need it, that should also be checked at this point. These days, almost all the best casino sites online have a live chat option, so gamers can query any problems with live casino staff 24/7, from the casino site.

Game Range and Bonuses Matter Too

Some of the Philippines’ ardent casino customers are committed slots fans, others prefer the table games. The various card games all have their fans, as do classics like craps and keno. So establishing the best casino sites online for a specific player also involves finding the outfits with the best range of games to suit a player’s taste.

A final criterion to consider may be one the player has to make on a daily basis, because that’s how often the best casino sites online update their bonus offers. By keeping a lookout for deposit bonuses, free spins and the like on offer at different casinos each day, Philippine players can make sure they take advantage of the best offers, getting to play for longer while risking less of their own bankroll.

best casino online


Tips on Seeking the Best Casino Online

It is pointless trying to direct Philippine gambling fans to the Philippines’ best casino online, because such a beast simply does not exist, objectively. All sorts of factors contribute to making an establishment the best casino online, and unfortunately the importance placed on each factor differs from individual to individual.

So for online gambling aficionados, the best casino online may be the one that offers the newest games. For players who have been gaming online for even longer, old classic casino games like roulette or poker may outweigh anything new and flashy in slots, for example. Newcomers to online gambling could well decide that the best casino online for them is the one that explains its games most clearly before a player commits to wagering on them. A better approach is to list the various attributes that may be found at the best casino online, and allow players to do their own research.

Online Gambling Laws in the Philippines

From the start, those who want to play casino games online in the Philippines are faced with an anomaly in the law: online casinos that are licensed by Philippine authorities are not open to Philippine citizens; they serve international customers exclusively. But there is no law prohibiting Filipinos from gambling at sites not licensed in the Philippines, so the focus here must shift from ‘best casino online’ to ‘best casino online… that Filipinos can access’.

This recalibration doesn’t really limit their options too much – Philippine residents still have scores of reputable online casinos, based in jurisdictions known for their strict standards and enforcement of fair treatment of players, that will happily allow them to play. Even after players research review sites and message boards to identify and avoid any sites with a poor reputation, there will still be more than enough options for them to find their personal best casinos online in Pakistan.

Using Review Sites to Assure the Basics

Security of bank transactions, protection of player privacy, and an assurance that all games have been tested independently to ascertain that they are truly unbiased, are perhaps the three most important things to consider when seeking the best casino online. This is another area in which online casino review and compilation sites can be very handy.

All these sites generally have a Top 10 list or similar, on which they rank their selection of sites qualifying for the label ‘best casino online’. Before a site can be added to this list, the online reviewers will usually check the security and auditing certificates themselves, as well as online comments and feedback on the levels of customer service. So players can opt for the top-ranked casinos with confidence, knowing that the basics requirements of safety and fairness are in place.

A Bonus Might Swing the Vote

As already mentioned, once a Philippine player has found a list of sites that have good reputations, whittling the list down to the best casino online may simply be a case of finding those with the games the player enjoys most. However, there is another potential game-changer to consider: bonuses.

Whether it’s free spins on slots, a matching amount or more when the player makes a deposit, or other forms of free play, bonuses all have one thing in common: they give the player a chance to win while risking less of their own bankroll. When selecting the best casino online, a juicy bonus could well be the deciding factor.

Playing with the Best Casino No Deposit Bonus

It’s clear that concepts like “the best online casino” are incredibly subjective; they depend entirely on which aspects of the casino a player prioritises. For many gamblers in the Philippines, the very fact that casinos can be accessed online makes them better than the republic’s land-based casinos, all of which involve an arduous trip to Manila where they are situated. But for many Filipinos trying to find the best casino, no deposit bonus features can also be important.

No deposit bonuses are a perk unique to mobile and online casinos; players are given a free boost to their bankroll simply for registering at a site. With dozens of different online gaming operations jostling for their share of the Philippine market, offering the best casino no deposit bonus online can be a significant factor in attracting new players.

Choosing the Best Casino No Deposit Bonus

Online casinos may offer players both free spins and free money to wager as a no-deposit bonus. In both cases, these may be restricted to certain games like the best poker Australia, if the casino is trying to promote action on them. But the best casino no deposit bonuses are those that players can use for whatever takes their fancy: free spins on any slot title, or a no deposit wagering amount that they can bet on any game in the casino.

The bonuses available to new sign-ups are usually prominently displayed on the site’s homepage, and many casino review sites also update daily lists of the best casino no deposit bonus deals being offered at a number of different sites. Players who don’t mind registering at several sites in succession can take advantage of the best bonus deals on offer daily for new sign-ups, as well as the regular reward incentives for regular players.

The Small Print is Important

Terms and conditions are attached to all promotional incentives, and the best casino no deposit bonus offers are no exception. Most online casinos have specific rules related to bonuses; players may have to make a minimum number of wagers on bonus games before any winnings can be withdrawn, for example. To avoid any nasty surprises, players must make themselves fully conversant with all the terms and conditions before they opt into even the best casino no deposit bonus.

Some Features are Must-Haves

No matter how good the bonuses may seem, players also need to take basic precautions when gaming online. Security encryption needs to be advanced enough to keep their bank accounts safe; the site should safeguard customers’ privacy; independent auditors should pass their games as random and fair. All these features can be checked using the certifications on a reputable site’s homepage.

Customer service is also important. At the top casino, no deposit bonus offers are well and good, but what really reassures players is a live-chat option to address problems online with real casino staff members at any time of the day or night. Review sites and compilation sites are again good resources in this regard, as they will generally list the customer service channels available in their online casino reviews.