Online Poker No Download


Online Poker, No Download Required

Canadians love their poker, and with the online revolution in progress, Canadians now also love their online poker. More Canadians are playing online poker than ever before, and that statistic only looks set to rise in the future. To put it another way; Canada is online poker crazy. So what exactly is stopping you from joining in on the fun?

Not every Canadian is savvy with modern technology, and the world of the internet, smart phones, and downloadable applications can seem a bit confusing. After all, who really needs to know the difference between a megabyte, gigabyte, and any other type of byte that might be lurking around? If you’re one of these people, then don’t be alarmed. One can now play online poker, no download required. All you need is basic knowledge of how to use an internet browser.

Download Poker, Versus No Download Poker

Until just recently if you wanted to play online poker, you would be required to download an application to the device of your choice. This might have been a smart phone, laptop, or home computer. Once the application was installed, you could access online poker via the program. It was not a major inconvenience, but something that can now be altogether avoided. Online poker, no download required, is now easily doable via modern browsers and fast internet speeds.

If wanting to play online poker, no download, all one needs to do is open their internet browser, surf to a desired casino, and click on the game. It’s as easy as that. A window will open, and the desired game will be loaded. The user may play to their hearts content, and upon closing the window the game information will be discarded. No permanent download will remain.

All Games, No Downloads

Online poker, no download required, may be one of the most popular casino games to stream, but the choices are not limited to just poker. Virtually every casino game under the sun is accessible in the same way. Roulette, blackjack, baccarat, you name it, it can be streamed via a browser with no downloads required. And if you’re a Canadian online casino player with a taste for slot games, get ready to be sent to heaven. Tens of thousands of online slot games are available, and yes, none require any downloads.

Real Money Play

Online poker, no download required, may be played for free. If wanting to do so, simply open a game without being logged into an account, and virtual money will be granted. If, however, you want to earn real money, as has already been said, you will need to make an account. This process only requires that you provide a name, telephone number and physical address. In order to deposit money, simply enter card details and the money will instantly appear in the account.

Withdrawing money from your online account into your bank account is equally as easy, but be sure to give the money a few days before it arrives. If any issues arise in the account creation process, be sure to ask the customer support centre of the casino you’re joining.

What is Casino Bonus No Deposit Required Option?

As the online gambling industry continues to grow in Canada, more and more websites are offering new and interesting bonuses. The common bonus type requires that a player make a deposit, after which a bonus amount is granted, equal to the initial deposit amount. This bonus cash will usually be accompanied by a wager requirement, which means that the bonus cash, and any winnings earned with the bonus cash, may not be withdrawn from the casino until a certain number of bets are made. There is, however, a new kind of bonus being seen more commonly. This is a; casino bonus no deposit required system. How does it work?




Arcader Video Slots Game

Arcader is a retro-feel video slots game that has been designed and developed by casino software manufacturers Thunderkick. The game itself has a retro feel to it, combining classic old-school games into a new and fresh original. Arcader can best be described as a mixture of the traditional fruit machine slots games and a space-themed game.

The Space Theme of Arcader

The theme of Arcader portrays space. The background depicts a planet against the dark night sky, with planets drifting around and occasional meteors falling through the sky. The actual reels come out from the planet, displaying brightly coloured symbols.

These symbols are formed in a very pixelated way to create various icons that are common to the traditional fruit machine slots. This symbols include icons such as the sevens, bells, BARS, cherries, melons, lemons, oranges, and plums. The top-paying symbol of the game is the BAR, with a maximum payout of twenty times the total bet when landing five in a row. The next highest paying symbol of the game is the red seven, which will pay out nine times the total bet when landing five in a row.

The soundtrack also offers a retro track to aid the theme. The space theme is also enhanced through the use of a female robotic voice celebrating each win.

The Bonus Round

The Arcader video slots game by Thunderkick offers players a bonus round that provides them with free spins. The bonus free spins round is accessed by landing three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels and is one of the best online casino bonuses in Canada.

As soon as this bonus free spins round is launched, players will be given nine initial free spins. These will also come with a set multiplier, which is dependent on the number of scatter symbols landed to trigger the free spins feature. If players landed three scatter symbols, they will receive a multiplier of one. If players landed four scatter symbols, they will receive a multiplier of three. If players manage to land five scatter symbols, they will receive a multiplier of nine.

After each free spin, one of the symbols on the second, third, or fourth reels will turn into a W symbols with a green background. This is a sticky wild symbol. This wild symbol will then remain sticky throughout the rest of the free spins. Given the number of free spins and the resultant sticky wild symbols, players can stand the chance to win big during this free spins bonus round.

The Mystery Bonus Round

The Thunderkick Arcader video slots game also includes a special mystery bonus round. Once the mystery bonus round has been triggered by landing the mystery symbols, players will be taken to a second playing screen depicting a grid full of squares. Each square will contain a question mark. Players have to click on the question marks in order to reveal what lies behind the square and gather as many winnings as possible. Every time players reveal a fruit symbol, they will receive a prize payout. However, if the square they have clicked on reveals a red X symbol, the mystery bonus round will come to an end and players will be returned to the main playing screen.

The prizes in the mystery bonus round also come with a multiplier, which is dependent on how many mystery bonus symbols were landed. If players land four of the symbols, they will receive a multiplier of two. If they manage to land five of these symbols, they will receive a mystery bonus round multiplier of six.

Sports Betting Explained to Punters Online

Betting on sports games has been a long running tradition in many countries around the world. The combined excitement of a favourite sport, plus the possibility of winning money, is something that appeals to many people, for obvious reasons. The act of betting on sports can be traced back almost as long as sporting events themselves, with bets being made on gladiator fights in the ancient Roman coliseum, and even prior to that. Today, of course, bets are far more likely to be made on sports such as football and baseball.


Ryder Cup


Golf Betting Online and the Ryder Cup

Betting on sports is an interesting way to place a wager as it utilises the punters’ knowledge and understanding of the sport involved in order to make and take accurate bets, meaning that these punters can ideally get good enough to pip out the bookmakers involved in setting the odds and through this hopefully win some bets. Of course this does then mean that the betting will shape itself to the sport it is particularly gauged to and therefore produce a new form of betting experience each time. From this punters can pick their favourite sports to bet with, including golf betting and even more specifically the tournaments therein involved, like the Ryder Cup.

Golf is one of those sports where one either loves it or hates it, with little in between, and as such has developed a unique online presence in catering to this select demand. However with events like the Ryder Cup, golf betting has a lot to offer the punters involved and like many of the more popular online sports betting options can be rather intuitively understood and experienced in a wide range of variety online. In pursuit of this golf sports betting position then, punters will need to know what the Ryder Cup itself is all about and how betting on this sport would look like, then from there it is rather smooth sailing.

Details on the Ryder Cup Sports Betting

The particular golf tournament in question here is the Ryder Cup online golf betting and unlike some of the other high profile golf events, is played in teams of players. Another notable thing straight off the bat regarding this tournament is that none of the players receive prize money for the prestigious event, a unique event across most every sport game. The first tournament of this name took place in the year 1927 and has since grown to accommodate most parts of Europe and North America onto the list of players applicable for entry. Whether or not players find the game of golf interesting or not doesn’t seem to feature as much when this tournament presents itself as something rather different altogether.

It is all good and well though knowing the various facts and aspects of the Ryder Cup without being able to engage with the online sports betting scene with particular attention toward the golfing side of things. In this regard punters should approach the experience with a willingness to learn through practice and a degree of due diligence, after all information in this industry can be vary valuable if used correctly. Otherwise players will find much of the same style of betting options seen from other similar sports and including bets on the players, the teams, individual scores and more.

Closing Golf Betting Remarks on the Ryder Cup

Overall the Ryder Cup is a sterling example of what golfing can be all about and in the field of online sports betting the stage is quite well setup for the punters looking to place a wager or two on this biennial golfing tournament. Definitely an exciting option if punters find themselves fitting this rather particular bill of interests.

Paralympic Games


Paralympic Games Parallel to the Olympic Games

1960 saw the first ever Paralympic Games staged. For each Olympics the IOC receives bids from different nations to host the Olympic Games, and the winning country is then responsible for organising and funding the event according to the Olympic Charter. This includes the Paralympic Games event, which is held just after the Olympic Games. Each of the Games has its own opening and closing ceremony, which is held in the hoist country’s main athletics stadium. The Olympic flag is hoisted and the Olympic torch lit to officially mark the start of each of the competitions.

The idea of the Paralympic Games is that they are parallel to the Olympics Games, and the word Para comes from the Greek, meaning Alongside. Every four years all physically disabled athletes have their own Olympics Games, just after the regular Olympic Games. Betting is however, far from equal in intensity to the regular Olympics.

Betting on Sports Events

Certainly the Paralympic Games have their own stars who attract a lot of attention, and who are expected to bring their home country gold medals. Bookmakers agree that betting on the games does not bring a huge amount of business. This is not because people are wary of placing bets on the Paralympic athletes, but because so many of them are not very well known to the public, and certainly not at Usain Bolt levels.

Sports betting is becoming ever more popular, with the huge variety of sports events taking place every day, and betting on athletics events is no different. It is wise to find out details regarding the events and the athletes themselves before choosing to place a wager.

The Second Biggest Games in Rio

The last Paralympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro earlier this year will be remembered for the passion and enthusiasm that characterise the Brazilian people, and made them the second largest Paralympic Games ever, second only to the London Games in 2012. Some two million tickets were sold, and compelling television, radio, print and online coverage was given to the games. In total, eighty three countries win at least one medal, the most ever at a Paralympic Games. The Paralympic Games in Rio will be remembered as the Games of Possibility, as they show that disabled people can achieve incredible results, if they receive the right support.

Games to be held in Tokyo in 2020

The new athletic talents that made their appearance at the Rio Paralympic Games suggest that the momentum will continue to build on to the Tokyo Games that will be held in four years’ time. Japanese broadcasters in particular were among those devoting an increasing amount of air time to the Paralympic Games in Rio, which augurs well for the sixteenth Paralympic Games to be held in Tokyo in 2020 alongside the regular Olympics.

This will be the second time Japan has hosted the Paralympic Games, as they were first hosted there in 1964, when Japan held the Summer Olympics in that year. The Games in 2020 will be held in Tokyo from 25 August to 6 September of that year. These games will see the introduction of taekwondo and badminton to the Paralympic programme, and the removal of seven a side football and sailing.

The sports programme will be run by experts, and is intended to support these disabled athletes in their future careers, both on and off the field of play. Topics covered will include ideas on healthy lifestyles, all the latest information on anti-doping, illegal betting, injury prevention and life after sport.



The Masters Is a Major Golf Championship

The Masters Tournament, known as The Masters or the US Masters, is one of the four major championships in professional golf. The Masters is always held during the first week in April, and is the first of the majors to be played each year. Unlike all the other Majors, the Masters is played every year at the same golf course, which is the Augusta National Golf Club. This is a private golf club located in the city of Augusta, Georgia, USA. The Masters is an official money event on the European Tour, the PGA Tour and also the Japan Golf Tour. Players take part by invitation only, so the field of players is smaller than that of the other major championships.

All the Well-Known Traditions

The Masters, like many great sporting events, has a number of well known traditions. Since 1940, the winner is awarded a green jacket, which he has to return to the Augusta National Golf Club one year after his win. It does remain his personal property, but it is stored in a special cloakroom together with all the other champions’ jackets. Only the current champion may remove his jacket from the premises. If a golfer wins The Masters several times, he uses the same green jacket he was awarded the first time he won. Beginning at the tournament of 1963, one of the famous past winners always hits the tee shot on the morning of the first round of the US Masters, to begin the play. The US Masters 2016 was won the 28 year old Danny Willett with a final round 5 under par 67. He became the first Englishman in twenty years to win the Masters, and one of the only two ever to do so, the other being Nick Faldo.

The famous Augusta National Golf course opened 83 years ago, in 1933, and has been modified several times since then. Greens have been reshaped, bunkers have been added and some water hazards extended. Hundred of trees have also been planted.

Betting on Big Golf Tournaments

Golf is an extremely competitive sport, and betting on the Masters Golf Championship offers people a huge variety of bets they can place on any tournament. You can place a bet on the winner of the tournament, the winner of any particular hole, the number of strokes taken, or even on the performance of golfers coming from other countries. Betting on golf tournaments has become a very lucrative form of betting in the last few years and attracts a huge number of people wanting to place wagers. All the golfing majors, including the British Open and the US PGA tournaments are among the world’s most popular sporting events of the year, and millions of people follow every stroke players make during the match. Thousands of people travel to each tournament to watch the game, but most watch at home on their televisions screens. Those people mostly place their bets online at their own convenience, from home, on a sports book that most online casinos provide.

Online betting has become an integral part of any sports betting in modern times, due to the ease of placing the bets, and the huge range of benefits and bonuses offered by many of the online betting sites. Betting on all global sporting events is an enormous business industry, and online spots sites all encourage people to make use of their advantages.

Counter-Strike betting


Counter-Strike Betting Becomes Increasingly Popular

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s increasing popularity over recent years has resulted in the arrival of a totally independent gambling operation, that of skin betting, or Counter-Strike betting. Many people now bet in-game objects from the game on third-party websites, and the digital goods that they win and lose have a real-world value.

The reason that Counter-Strike online betting is so unique is because it is unprecedented: third-party groups offering the chance for bettors to take part in the activity focus almost entirely on turning the gun skins that the game makes use of into tokens that can in turn be used to play casino-type games online. Secondary markets have arisen around games that have tradable items available before this, and this has been in practice since eBay’s early days, with developers have grappled with resellers in a variety of ways, but CS:GO is totally redefining this market.

Growth Factors for Counter-Strike Betting Third-Party Websites

Four features have made both the foundation and volatile growth of third-party Counter-Strike betting websites possible:

  1. The first element in the explosive growth of the websites which allow for Counter-Strike betting is the wild popularity of the game itself. It has over 10 million players, and an almost unrivalled eSports viewership
  2. The popularity Counter-Strike betting also relies on the item-drop system the game employs, which awards weapon-skins and cases at controlled intervals to all players. These cases contain knife- and gun-skins that require keys to open, and the keys can only be obtained by means of trade or purchase
  3. The Steam Community Market, which is a digital marketplace for more than 30 games, as well as the items belonging to the Steam Community, like trading cards, where in-game items are bought and sold with actual money
  4. The Steam Trading API, which makes it possible for anyone to produce third-party tools that are able to administer item transactions on a larger scale

How Counter-Strike Betting Actually Works

There a number of different ways by which Counter-Strike betting is possible: a number of different sites which cater to this pastime exist, and the majority of these will make a unique device or mechanism by which bettors are able to lay CS:GO wagers and win items.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive itself makes tiny slot machines available to its players in the form of weapons cases that players purchase keys to unlock while they are inside the game client. Various website try to duplicate the excitement of this process by making their own, proprietary cases and tokens available. They are thus able to create a duplicate of the experience that players have from within Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but with distinct outcomes particular to their service.

Websites which make betting processes for this incredibly popular game possible will generally mimic the aesthetic of the game, making use of recoloured case-images and the Special Forces characters so instantly recognisable in order to make their services feel more authoritative. Many licensed sportsbooks are providing access to eSports of this type now, as well, and those who wish to start making bets on the outcomes of matches are able to do so in a safe, regulated environment that is able to ensure that their sensitive personal and financial information is kept safe from harm.

Bet on CS:GO


Rules for Those Who Wish to Bet on CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person, multiplayer, shooter video game that was developed by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment. It is the fourth game to form part of the Counter-Strike franchise, and was initially released in August of 2012. The game has an award for eSports Game of the Year under its belt, and runs on the PlayStation 3; Linux; Microsoft Windows; Xbox 360; Mac; and Linux operating systems.

Those who wish to bet on CS:GO need to make sure that they understand the definitions for the words which are in use in this community, as failure to do so may result in egregious results for any wagers placed.

  • Value

The number that is associated with an item, and will depend on the value of the item in question and its rarity

  • Match

A game, or a series of games, that are played between two teams

  • Game

A particular fixture that occurs within a match

  • Defwin

Is a shortening of the terms default win, and is used to describe a win that was achieved in this manner

  • Forfeit

A forfeit, or ff, is assigned to a CS:GO team that for whatever reason does not choose to take part in the remaining games of a match

Those who choose to bet on CS:GO matches must understand that by doing so they automatically agree to the rules and regulations governing these that the site at which they are betting enforces. A careful review of these is always recommended, and, if the bettor takes exception to any part of these, he or she should not attempt to lay wagers at the site at which these rules and regulations stand.

The CS:GO Betting General Rules

The general rules when it comes to the question of how to bet on CS:GO all revolve around the bettor confirming that he or she is in accordance with their country’s laws regarding the practice of skin-betting. Most usually the age-limit governing the ability to bet on CS:GO games is 18, but it is imperative that bettors confirm that this is so. Sites have the right to request documentation confirming the bettor’s age before any wagers can be placed.

Starting to Bet on CS:GO Matches

Individuals who are interested in CS:GO betting online in Australia are advised to do thorough research on all its aspects before they begin, as this practice will only increase the likelihood of their wagers being successful. There are a good many guides to this kind of betting available online, and many forums where the ins and outs of this pastime are discussed in full and explained, but it is up to the bettor to take the initiative and ensure that he or she is under no illusions to the potential rewards; necessary requirements; and overall practices of this pastime.

Thanks to how popular betting on CS:GO is, it is becoming far more widely available at reputable, trustworthy sportsbooks, and eSports betting holds no dangers in terms of identity theft or any kind of compromise regarding the bettor’s sensitive personal and financial information.

Curious Machine slot


Curious Machine Slot by Betsoft

Curious Machine slot is another of Betsoft’s 3D games which are highly visual and contain loads of animation. Actually called Miles Bellhouse and his Curious Machine, the slot tells the story of an inventor and his little robot.  The game has five reels but only three symbols per reel. All of the 30 paylines can be adjusted to suit the player’s budget. Wager amounts are pretty wide too, with coin values ranging from 0.02 up to 0.50. Each line can be played for up to 5 coins. Curious Machine slot is a game that will appeal to all players. It has a low enough wager amount for those of low budgets, and enough special features and graphics to entertain players for a long time.

3D Graphics

Curious Machine slot is a 3D slot, done in cartoon or animated movie style. It has a video intro that looks just like an animated movie. The entire slot animates, from the background to every symbol. The reels are the Curious Machine of the slots name, and are set in Miles Bellhouse’s lab. Miles and his little robot friend sit in front of the reels and are constantly moving. They bounce around happily when you get a win. The music is unique, with a rousing orchestral piece in the background which hypes up when the reels spin. This is a very busy slot, with no inch of the screen left bare.

Time Travelling Symbols

The Curious Machine slot is all about a time machine, and the places it travels to. Of course there is a bad guy as there is in all good stories. All of the symbols in Curious Machine slot are theme based and all animate.  The lowest paying symbols are a map, a futuristic city, one of the dials from the machine and control board full of levers. High paying symbols are the bad moustachioed bad guy, Miles and his robot.

The Vortex symbol is wild and can appear on any reel. If it appears and no wins are formed by it, it will activate and spin all of the symbols touching it around. This rearranges them and gives the player another chance to get a win at

Reel Rewind

If no win is formed on a spin, one of the reels may randomly rewind, creating another chance to get a win. This feature is only available if you are playing with all thirty lines however. It will also be cancelled if you change your bet amount.

Travel Through Time

Three or more travel through time scatters launches this bonus round. When the bad guy peeps into the lab, Miles and his robot escape by travelling back through time. The further they go, the higher the cash reward is for you.

Blast to the Past

Three or more bonus dinosaur symbols will trigger the free spins feature. Here you travel back trough time again to the time of the dinosaurs. During these free spins a random multiplier raging between 1x and 5x will be applied to your wins.

Double Up

After any win you have the choice of double or nothing. This is similar to the gamble features found in other games. Guess which hand the robot is hiding the coin in, and if you get it right you double your win. Get it wrong and you leave empty handed.