Top Online slot alternatives to Spielo’s Magic Pharaoh


Magic Pharaoh by Spielo

Magic Pharaoh is one of a multitude of Ancient Egyptian themed slots, this time brought to us by Spielo. Ancient Egypt is a favourite theme for many slot developers, and we can find Top Online slot alternatives to Spielo’s Magic Pharaoh in just about every shape and size.

Magic Pharaoh itself is a brick and mortar based slot that can still not be found online. It is pretty basic in all ways, with graphics that are bog standard for a slot machine and very few extra features. All that is does offer by ways of features is a wild symbol and a scatter which launches free spins. Pretty much any Egyptian themed slot can be a Top Online slot alternatives to Spielo’s Magic Pharaoh.

Secret of Horus

The first slot that we will look at is by NetEnt. Secret of Horus has the Ancient Egyptian theme, and similar graphics to Magic Pharaoh. Neither slot has 3D graphics; both fall into the bog standard slot graphics category. Symbols on the reels are all theme-based and are an eclectic mix of random Egyptian items such as the Sphinx, pyramids and the ever-present Eye of Horus. Secret of Horus also has very similar special features to Magic Pharaoh, offering its players only a free spins round that is launched by a scatter symbol, and a wild symbol that replaces other symbols to create winning combinations.

Pharaoh’s Fortune

This is also an Egyptian themed slot, but with a bit of a humorous twist. IGT has brought the land of Ancient Egypt to life with a story that has a modern take on all things. The pharaoh himself sports a pair of sunglasses and animates in a funny way as does his queen. Pharaohs’ Fortune also has a free spins round as well as a wild symbol and a scatter. It has more extras however than Magic Pharaoh in the way of a bonus round.

Book of Ra

Book of Ra is a game that is pretty much almost identical to Magic Pharaoh. It has very similar graphics, and came out at round about the same time period. The symbols are also very similar, except for the base ones on Book of Ra being taken from a set of Poker cards. The wild symbol plays the same purpose as in Magic Pharaoh as does the scatter. As Top Online slot alternatives to Spielo’s Magic Pharaoh goes, Book of Ra has only one extra feature, which is a bonus round based around an expanding symbol.

Pyramid Quest for Immortality

This is one of the more modern Top Online slot alternatives to Spielo’s Magic Pharaoh. Pyramid Quest for Immortality has much better graphics than Magic Pharaoh, which is not surprising as it was created many years after the aforementioned slot. The layout of Pyramid is also quite different to Magic Pharaoh, with the same amount of reels but each reel having a different number of symbols.

As a result of this the game has 720 ways to win instead of the traditional 20 or so paylines. The symbols will be familiar to anyone who has played Magic Pharaoh as pretty much every Egyptian themed slot has the same basic symbols. The special features in Pyramid are also very similar to those in Magic Pharaoh; a wild symbol, a scatter and some free spins.